Today’s Guilty Pleasure

Skimmed Decafe Latte and Saint Honore ❤

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So yea I came across this new music video on youtube from Black Eyed Peas, and I have to say REALLY !?

Whats up with new music with their lyrics !? I mean come on with lines like:

1) I can’t think when i have to POOP POOP !?

2) Around 5 I lay down and POOP POOP on the floor *Kiss* Kiss* Piano ?

3) I forgot to flush the toilet *BURP* “aha very inspiring, burp…toilet doesn’t make sense btw..

4) ohoh and this ” LOOKS LIKE WE GOT A BIG GREEN DOOKIE on deck, and i hate those greenish potatoes” I can imagine people singing this on a club somewhere though …

I mean this **** keeps going on and on with the dumbest lines, oh yea and the chorus is “EVERYBODY POOPS AND IF THEY DON’t THEY ARE AN ANDROID AND SHOULD BE DESTROYED”


16 weeks and still exhausted

I keep reading that as soon as we get to the 2nd trimester our energy starts coming back.. So what’s wrong with me? I feel worst. I’m exhausted all the time, my feet can barely carry me for a few hours and then I feel like I’m crashing down. Should I be concerned or is this normal?
I can’t wait to start my yoga for pregnancy classes this week! I hope the stretching and meditation helps my messed up system.
The only upside of being 16 weeks along is that my bump is finally starting to show! I got a comment from my sister’s employee today: “madame are you pregnant?” When I said yes! She said “oh thank got I thought you were just getting fat!” I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry at that point :p but atleast she noticed something different with me.
Happy pregnancy to all the preggo ladies out there! 🙂

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Pregnant Styles I’m Loving

Although my bump is not showing yet at nearly 16 weeks, I can’t wait for it to arrive so I could be able to carry it proudly in fashionable clothing. So far I’m stuck in a transition phase I can’t wear any tight tops coz I just look bloated! :p  

Here are some styles of pregnant celebrities I’m loving for those who are more fortunate and can actually flaunt their bumps now 🙂

Selma Blair wearing AG Jeans Secret Fit Belly Signature Pocket Maternity Crop Jeans. I think I saw this brand of jeans in Destination MAternity in 360 Mall. Or you could just roll up ur straight cut or boyfriend cut maternity jeans. I just loved her relaxed look.

I’m actually going for Jessica Alba’s layered look right now to hide my bloated tummy ;p I would just add a skinny belt ontop of the cardigan though to balance it out a bit.

I’m planning to make loose fitted shift dresses my uniform during the whole pregnancy period. Nothing is more comfortable and I believe it looks good on almost every body shape. 

Leggings and an oversized shirt a-la Christina Applegate would be perfect for work. I’m gonna start raiding King’s closet very soon!

And my fav. pregnant celebrity style is…..

Mrs. V.B. I pray that when I’m pregnant with my fourth baby I’ll still have enough the energy to prance around in stilettos and an oversized clutch!