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Home Delivery Pharmacy


I’m the biggest fan of the concept of home delivery, and Kuwait is the capital of home delivery businesses. My latest discovery is a home delivery pharmacy. I know there are other places that do that and also a website that you could order from but believe me when I say that these people ARE THE GODFATHER OF PHARMACEUTICAL HOME DELIVERY!! Not only do they open AND deliver to you 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, the 3 times I ordered from them they delivered my items in less than an hour and with NO delivery charge! Aren’t they awesome?

And the cutest thing happened today when I ordered and asked for them to deliver to my work, the guy asked me to message him my location! CUTE!!

If you ever need anything from a pharmacy in the middle of the night give them a call at 55529495.

Ezgert Ramadhan Offer

I Love Ezgert! They have the coolest sleeves , cases, and speakers ever. So creative and innovative. If you haven’t checked them out already this is your chance, they’re having a promotional offer for Ramadhan!

Ramadhan Offer:

10% off + free shipping
all they have to do to get this offer is tweet or post a pic in instagram with  1- @EZGRT 2- @(insert our blog twitter or instagram account)  3- Order Number ..
e.g. tweet  {I just purchased a skin from @ezgrt using @FN_king_queen Discount #3075}
Another example comment under an instagram pic { @Ezgrt @fnqueen #3076}


Hurry up and get your orders!

Ezgert instagram and twitter accounts:

Happy Ramadhan to you and your family!


Project X @Chef Boutique

Im sure most of you have read about Project X on other blogs (coz I’ve been so busy with 2 projects and a baby and didn’t get to post about it 😦 ) If not, lets introduce you to what it is! Its basically a fun bloggers version of the Master Chef series! And because King and I are the royalty of cooking (major joke) we are participating!!!! *YAAAY*

The project is being hosted by Chef Boutique and is created by them and the masterminds Ahmad Al Hindi from Food Maestros and Basma Al Musalam from the blog 13 Cups.

Yesterday they invited us in for an orientation at Chef Boutique and that made us even more excited about the event! The orientation was soooo much fun, we got to learn how to operate a few of their cooking toys so we know our way around as well as the wonderful Chef Paul teaching us some cutting techniques which I realized I really suck at ;p

I was actually very impressed with the layout of Chef Boutique especially it being our first time in the place, they offer top notch cooking accessories and all you need to get to be familiarized with basics cooking and more.

Also you could sign up with daily cooking methods and techniques with their daily/weekly cooking learning classes.To sign up contact Chef Boutique at

Judges of Project X:

Basil Al-Salem (Owner of OFK, Slider Station, Cocoa Room, etc)

Fahad Al Yahya (

Jumana Al Othman (Founder of Breakfast and Brunch)

Chef Mongkon from Chef Boutique

Ziad Al Obaid

The Team Behind “Project X” are the following:

Victor & Olga (Chef Boutique)
Ahmed Alhendi (Food Maestros)

Filming Crew, Editor & Director: Tareq Al-Askar & Salma Alyaseen

At the end we would like to send out special thanks to you Chef Boutique, Chef Paul and everyone working on Project X, we’re so so soooo excited and can’t wait for the day of the competition! WISH us LUCK !

Tara’s Favorite App!


I love singing songs to Tara and one of our favorite nursery songs is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I found the cutest video on YouTube for the song with a baby owl and a star! She loves the video and interacts with it a lot. A few days ago I found out the makers of the video, Super Simple Learning, had an IPhone App so I immediately installed it.


The App includes the Music Video with the choice of an adult or a child’s voice ( I personally LOVE the child’s voice! Specially when he says li’lil star!!)
There’s also a story inspired by the song. You could either let the pre recorded voice read it, you could read it to your baby or, which I got so excited about, you could record your voice!! Perfect for busy mummies that want to read to their babies but don’t have the time (god bless you if your that type of mum! You are a superhero)


If you touch the characters in the story they move and make sounds! Great to teach babies how to interact.
The animation is wonderful and in high resolution and the voices chosen are excellent.

For older babies there is a counting stars game to help teach them about numbers. Tara now just likes touching them and smiles at the sounds they make :p

If you get a chance to download it let us know what you think.
This is the link to the App TwinkleTwinkle

God Bless the children of the world.

Al Anoud Kaftans


A few months ago I was blessed to meet Al Anoud and now she’s one of the dearest people to my heart. I’m so excited to announce her first Collection which is so beautiful, includes ready to wear Kaftans and dresses. Her designs are so fresh and different. I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Here’s a sample of her work








Check out more about AlAnoud and her collection on her website

Also follow her on twitter @all3anoud for the latest news!

Best of luck to you my beautiful new friend!