So yea I came across this new music video on youtube from Black Eyed Peas, and I have to say REALLY !?

Whats up with new music with their lyrics !? I mean come on with lines like:

1) I can’t think when i have to POOP POOP !?

2) Around 5 I lay down and POOP POOP on the floor *Kiss* Kiss* Piano ?

3) I forgot to flush the toilet *BURP* “aha very inspiring, burp…toilet doesn’t make sense btw..

4) ohoh and this ” LOOKS LIKE WE GOT A BIG GREEN DOOKIE on deck, and i hate those greenish potatoes” I can imagine people singing this on a club somewhere though …

I mean this **** keeps going on and on with the dumbest lines, oh yea and the chorus is “EVERYBODY POOPS AND IF THEY DON’t THEY ARE AN ANDROID AND SHOULD BE DESTROYED”



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