Extreme Life!

Been following these guys for a while now, and I have to say their video’s are a pure genius.

A lot may say their lifestyle is a bit crazy but you got to give them credit they are simply amazing. One video that made my heart pump and want to do something like that is this crazy swing off a creek, with amazing video taking and editing, really think you should follow them on YouTube. I mean living in Kuwait seems like a routine sometimes and having some extracurricular activities can’t hurt, there has to be more than going to malls and restaurants right. Their username is Devinsupertramp. FOLLOW THEM:

Check these video’s out:

1. World’s Largest Rope Swing:

2. Human Slingshot Slip and Slide – Vooray:

3. Trike Drifting:

4. Paintball Warfare – Epic Paintball Battle:

5. Trike Racing – Fast and the Furious:

6. Modern Warfare – Epic Tower Jump:

7. Salt Boarding – Blank Snowboards:

8. Paramotor Sky Racers – Parabatix:


Ohio Marching Band !

Ahhhh the good memories of life in America, I remember how much I enjoyed attending American Football games during my uni. days, even though Ohio State was the arch rival of my university I have to say I was extremely impressed with their marching band routine.

Also I had friends in the marching band so I know how much time commitment and hard work had to go on this routine just seeing it was impressive.

Check it out:


Savoy Products


The other day I burnt my thumb on the curling iron before heading out to a party at my sister’s house. I thought I shouldn’t waste my time looking for something to put on it and I’ll just wait till I got to her house, being a mother of 5, I was sure she had something for it. I was right! She gave me this cool burn spray and another antiseptic spray for cuts and scabs. The burn spray was amazing! Unlike Mebo which is the classic solution for burns, this didnt smell like peanuts nor did it leave a sticky residue. Instantly my thumb felt so much better and the next day the red burn mark disappeared! The antiseptic cuts spray would be great for King. He comes home every week with cuts or scabs on his legs and hands from football and refuses to let me put anything on it.
My sister got these from Dubai, I was wondering if anyone saw them here in Kuwait cause I believe they’re a must in every household!