The Weather :(

The weather is so heartbreaking 😦 il7amdilla 3ala kil 7aal.. I miss taking Zertec or Claritine so bad :p hathi 7aalti kil weekend now ma7koora wilsiba my allergies 😦

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Week 28.. in Maternity Pants!

Atlaaaaaaaaaast I fit in maternity pants without looking frumpy! My belly is now so obviously with child :p I stopped getting the “are you pregnant?” questions and instead people ask me straight away about the baby. And oh am I so happy with my maternity pants! I’ve let go of the belly extenders and tummy sleeves and it feels more comfortable not having to deal with so many bits and pieces. I got a designer pair as well so I don’t feel left out :p

Check out Destination Maternity in 360 Mall. They’ve got a great collection of designer maternity jeans, pants and leggings. They’ve got a sale going on now as well as some new collection items from the line Lavish by Heidi Klum.

Happy Bellies everyone! ;p


Zain.. Come On!!


I think Zain are ripping me off! They make me feel like I’m working in the stock market and constantly have to be on the phone or I’ve got a boyfriend I talk to for hours! Shda3wa chithe my bill this high! and every month its different. Before I used to think it’s coz I was out of the country for a couple of days and thats why my bill is high but I haven’t travelled since March! They’re making me feel like I’m a stupid consumer which I hate. Allah isami7kum.

Old Memories !!

So I was discussing with queen today after watching weird Al Yankovitch’s new Lady Gaga parody about his funniest video that was aired in the early 1980’s about Micheal Jackons “Im Bad” which he switched to “Im Fat”, what shocked me though is that she never heard of it and didn’t think it was as funny as I always thought it was, trust in the 90’s it was hilarious ! Maybe the effects were shocking to a young boy with a huge imagination which led to it being alot funnier before.
So the thing is does anybody remember this or was it just me 😦 !!

Maybe if I post the two videos people will understand where I am coming from:

Weird Al Yancovitch’s Version:

Micheal Jackson’s Original Version: