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Pick Yo the Great


The other day the sweet Lady B was tweeting that she was craving papaya with frozen yogurt. I’m not a fan of frozen yogurt but the thought of anything with papaya (which I call the love fruit) makes me drool!! So I replied that I’m starting to crave it too and Pick Yo with their amazing customer service tweeted back that they’ll make it happen! I honestly thought it would take them a while so I was really surprised when 2 days later Lady B contacted me that they’ve got it!! So we headed out there to try it out. The result? EXTRAORDINARY!!!!


Pick YO let me say, you truly changed my opinion about frozen yogurt coz yours was delicious!! And the papaya with it? Helloooo summer lunch!

The papaya topping will be a weekend special so head to Pick Yo
Kuwait City Al Durwaza#51 Tower
Sharq (Durwazat AlAbdulrazaq)
Commercial Mall
And they deliver!!

Lunch at Ubon


After nagging Rashed a fellow colleague at Uni who’s one of the owners of the new soon to be hottest place in town Ubon Thai, on their opening date, he was kind enough to invite me and King over to try their food. King and I love Thai food and we always wondered why we didn’t have any Thai restaurants in Kuwait. Our favorite is Busaba in London which we go to like a thousand times whenever we’re in London.
As soon as I walked into the place it was so obvious that it was designed by Rashed and his partner Dawoud that are both Architects. The place is so well designed it just makes u feel so comfortable.
We sat down and chatted with Rashed then we were ready to dig in!


We started of with their Jumbo shrimps, banana-leaf chicken and fresh salad.

King LOVED the jumbo shrimps, and for a person that doesn’t like shrimps a lot, I also loved it!
The banana-leaf chicken on the other hand was heaven in my mouth! And the whole experience of unwrapping them and dipping them in the sauce added more fun to my taste buds!


King had their Tom Yum soup and he thought it was the best he ever had! I only took a sip of it and it burnt my tongue cause he ordered it super spicy so I didn’t really form an opinion :p

Now the reason why King and I love Thai food!! The curries!!! *YUM*


We had the green chicken curry and red meat curry with jasmine and garlic rice.
Compared to Busaba, this is even better! So fragrant, so fresh and so flavorful! It really made us very happy!

I had to force myself to stop eating so I could leave some room for dessert and I’m so glad I did.



We had fried bananas with a honey dip and Thai iced coffee. The fried bananas were so light and their texture was the right mix of crispy and tender. The iced coffee is another story! I think as soon as the open I would be passing there every morning for it.

Ubon is located in Kuwait City and set to open soon, Rashed please hurry up or I’ll be demanding another visit :p
Follow them on twitter @ubonkw to find out exactly when they open.

Chai Al Dhaha at The Sadu House

I passed by The Sadu House for Chai Al Dhaha with my sister today and I must say that I’m so proud to have such a beautiful place that still hold and preserves our heritage. The Sadu house had a lot of interesting things as well as interesting people. We met the very pretty and very sweet Bibi Al Sabah the chair member of the Sadu House and she was kind enough to take us around and explain to us what they do.



We saw textiles and clothing items done by both the traditional inhouse weavers and Ms Nuha Al Mansour


Furniture and household items that are traditional with a modern spirit.



And at last I met the beautiful Ms Samah Oueslati which I heard so much about from my sister. She is even more kind and sweet than I imagined and so inspiring. She even signed her book “Why I choose Kuwait” for Tara!

Her book is available at That Al Salasil in Avenues, The Sadu House and also at Breakfast and Brunch. I encourage everyone to read it as it will remind us all just how great Kuwait is.
Thank you Sadu House for the wonderful day at make sure you visit them every Monday for Chai Al Dhaha!


The Britto Collection


I came across this amazing website I’ve always been a fan of pop-culture art and if you’re like me this is the website for you! Founded by the modern pop-culture icon Romereo Britto, the website sells everything from the cutest painted figurines, which im getting for Tara’s nursery, bags and other awesome knickknacks. They could be the perfect Valentines Day gift!
Check them out!








For the last couple of weeks I have been having these urges to build something or craft or even paint، and I don’t mean like a cupboard or something lame/boring.
So anyways I started drawing a bit here and there, maybe if I end up actually completely finishing anything I’d post something up, however it still didn’t satisfy my need.
I tried a couple of things like fixing my bike all the way to making videos and cooking, I even bought a puzzle with queen to symbolize the building part, as enjoyable and delighting that was I still had something missing.
Finally I remembered what I used to love doing when I was way younger which was building remote control cars.
Same day I called up a friend of mine and headed straight to Tamiya at Al-Tilal complex, which I haven’t seen since probably 1995 when it was in Muthana.
After asking about I decided to go with the limited edition sexy Avante just because it was the remake of the original Avante of 1988 which was the mother of all RC cars, and which apparently I was lucky to pick the last one up.
Here are some pics of this sexy little thing with some others:





I will post other pictures when I finish assembling, at the mean time I was hoping somebody to help me pick Colors for the paint job.