Just got this prenatal listening system from mother care for KD 15 didn’t get a chance to try it yet coz by the time I got home I realized they required these weird batteries that we didn’t have at home 😦

I’ll update you guys later on how good it is. I actually jumped up and down when I saw it, how cool is it to be able to hear your babies heart rate, hiccups and kicks all the time and not have to wait till your next checkup! King made fun of me and tried to talk me out of getting it at first :p but then he saw how excited I was and headed to the cashier with a big smile on his face 😀 *dance*.

Oh and I also got a tummy toning butter, I’ve been looking for one that actually smells good for a very long time now and this one was a smell winner. 

While we’re at it if anyone out there knows where I could find “EXCIPIAL cream” plzzzzz let me know! I heard its the best of the best to reduce the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.


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