Football player shot in game

Not really… However I just watched this amazing video that a guy made on youtube with amazing special effects and hilarious poses of famous football players.

Makes me wonder what if football had all of that hahaha, anyways enjoy:


Amazing proposal !


Found this extremely romantic/cute proposal on youtube which ofcourse did not compare to the one I did for Queen 😛

Wish them the best of Luck in the years to come.

1500 Year Old Bible Found, indicating Muhammed PBUH following later!

I was shocked to read this news today  since I haven’t  heard anything about it whats so ever or anything about the subject in the first place, even though its considered old news as of now.

Really can’t wait and see what more research would show on this, and what Christians would reply to this, anybody with more information on this please let me know. Thanks

News as show on MSN:

A controversial “secret Bible” is about to go on public display in Turkey — amid rumors that the Vatican wants to examine the book, which is alleged to be 1,500 years old and “which many say is the Gospel of Barnabas,” according to the Daily Mail. The tome, worth a reported $22 million and handwritten in gold, puts forth a hotly debated version of Jesus Christ that experts say is more in line with Muslim teachings than Christian ones, depicting him “as a human being and not a god.”

The book also has Jesus predicting Muhammed as the future prophet. Concerns about its authenticity have followed the book since its discovery in in Turkey in 2000 during an anti-smuggling raid and its public debut ten years later, with some experts claiming the book is only 500 years old.

Antique bible turns up in Turkey:

Project X @Chef Boutique

Im sure most of you have read about Project X on other blogs (coz I’ve been so busy with 2 projects and a baby and didn’t get to post about it 😦 ) If not, lets introduce you to what it is! Its basically a fun bloggers version of the Master Chef series! And because King and I are the royalty of cooking (major joke) we are participating!!!! *YAAAY*

The project is being hosted by Chef Boutique and is created by them and the masterminds Ahmad Al Hindi from Food Maestros and Basma Al Musalam from the blog 13 Cups.

Yesterday they invited us in for an orientation at Chef Boutique and that made us even more excited about the event! The orientation was soooo much fun, we got to learn how to operate a few of their cooking toys so we know our way around as well as the wonderful Chef Paul teaching us some cutting techniques which I realized I really suck at ;p

I was actually very impressed with the layout of Chef Boutique especially it being our first time in the place, they offer top notch cooking accessories and all you need to get to be familiarized with basics cooking and more.

Also you could sign up with daily cooking methods and techniques with their daily/weekly cooking learning classes.To sign up contact Chef Boutique at

Judges of Project X:

Basil Al-Salem (Owner of OFK, Slider Station, Cocoa Room, etc)

Fahad Al Yahya (

Jumana Al Othman (Founder of Breakfast and Brunch)

Chef Mongkon from Chef Boutique

Ziad Al Obaid

The Team Behind “Project X” are the following:

Victor & Olga (Chef Boutique)
Ahmed Alhendi (Food Maestros)

Filming Crew, Editor & Director: Tareq Al-Askar & Salma Alyaseen

At the end we would like to send out special thanks to you Chef Boutique, Chef Paul and everyone working on Project X, we’re so so soooo excited and can’t wait for the day of the competition! WISH us LUCK !