16 weeks and still exhausted

I keep reading that as soon as we get to the 2nd trimester our energy starts coming back.. So what’s wrong with me? I feel worst. I’m exhausted all the time, my feet can barely carry me for a few hours and then I feel like I’m crashing down. Should I be concerned or is this normal?
I can’t wait to start my yoga for pregnancy classes this week! I hope the stretching and meditation helps my messed up system.
The only upside of being 16 weeks along is that my bump is finally starting to show! I got a comment from my sister’s employee today: “madame are you pregnant?” When I said yes! She said “oh thank got I thought you were just getting fat!” I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry at that point :p but atleast she noticed something different with me.
Happy pregnancy to all the preggo ladies out there! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “16 weeks and still exhausted

  1. Hello dear,
    Im almost 10 wks and looking forward to the 2nd trimester, when “supposedly” things cool down, but ur feedback got me a little worried lol!
    Hope things get better, and congrats on the new bump 😉 Allah esahel 3aleech

    • Hey there! No don’t worry and always be optimistic! I realized from reading forums a lot and talking to the mummies around me that each pregnancy is unique and women experience different symptoms and different times.
      I hope yours goes smoothly and passes by like a breeze! Enjoy every moment of it and thank god each day for this blessing. 🙂

    • Hey there! No don’t worry about it and always be optimistic! After reading a lot of forums and talking to mummies around me, I realised that each women experiences different symptoms and different stages of her pregnancy, each one of us is unique.
      I wish you all the best on your pregnancy and I hope you enjoy every moment of it. 🙂
      P.S. Take lots of naps!

    • I only hate it if I mother gives me a comment that makes me feel like she’s better than me and she handled her pregnancy well, as if she’s better than me coz I’m always tired and she was this super mummy!

    • PD I go to royal hayatt coz I don’t know where else does yoga for pregnancy. They have private sessions for 12kd an hour and group sessions for 7kd and hour. Although their group sessions are quite small (max of 4-5 women), my advice is to start of with a private session so you make sure you know how to do all the moves properly.

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