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Tara’s Favorite App!


I love singing songs to Tara and one of our favorite nursery songs is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I found the cutest video on YouTube for the song with a baby owl and a star! She loves the video and interacts with it a lot. A few days ago I found out the makers of the video, Super Simple Learning, had an IPhone App so I immediately installed it.


The App includes the Music Video with the choice of an adult or a child’s voice ( I personally LOVE the child’s voice! Specially when he says li’lil star!!)
There’s also a story inspired by the song. You could either let the pre recorded voice read it, you could read it to your baby or, which I got so excited about, you could record your voice!! Perfect for busy mummies that want to read to their babies but don’t have the time (god bless you if your that type of mum! You are a superhero)


If you touch the characters in the story they move and make sounds! Great to teach babies how to interact.
The animation is wonderful and in high resolution and the voices chosen are excellent.

For older babies there is a counting stars game to help teach them about numbers. Tara now just likes touching them and smiles at the sounds they make :p

If you get a chance to download it let us know what you think.
This is the link to the App TwinkleTwinkle

God Bless the children of the world.

Eden Salon Spa

If you follow me on instagram you would’ve heard about the day I dyed my hair Blue! :p I woke up on one day last month with the urge to dip dye my hair blue, called King he gave me his blessing, so I did some google searching and found out that Eden does it! Booked an appointment with Mez and the results?! LOVE!


This wasn’t my first experience with Eden, actually Sabah their top make up artist did my make up for my wedding back in 2009 and her work was amazing!

I got bored of my hair and it almost washed off anyway so I booked an appointment with Mez again to sort it out. She took her time to discuss options with me which is what I love about her and is so rare in salons in Kuwait. She’s honest and everything she says would happen turns out to be exact. And she’s so smart! Mixed up a couple of colors to neutralize the green in my hair and the result? I got a color that matches my hair and low lights perfectly! You would never believe that I had a crazy color to begin with!
After the coloring the sweet lady washing my hair suggested I go for the Macademia hair treatment and she explained how amazing it is. At first I was dubious coz every salon tries to sell its clients more products/treatments but I went for it and I’m so glad I did!!!!


My hair ended up smelling amazing, so so so soft (but not sticky) and shiiiny! 🙂
Definitely going back for more.

I also bought me some fly ties for my hair and I love that they’re so gentle and don’t have any snag/tug effect.


I got some hair products as well but I didn’t try them yet so I can’t tell you my opinion.

I need to go try their mani/pedi’s coz I’ve seen some really stylish nail polish designs on their instagram page. They’re mashala always busy and fully booked so I have to try to remember to book and appointment a while before.
All pictures (except my hair one) are courtesy of Eden Salon. I needed to get back to Tara quickly so I didn’t have time to snap some 😦 maybe next time!

Check out Eden Salon and Spa on:
Or follow them on twitter and instagram @edensalonspakw

Weaning Tara


Weaning a baby is so much Fun!! Maybe it’s my love for food that makes me so excited to feed my baby or how funny she looks while she’s eating, but I honestly must say I think in having more fun than her! Lol!
I thought I’d share some of the things that helped make this process simpler and more enjoyable for both T and myself.
The most important person in this process is Tara’s God mother Jumana AlOthman who is a Public Health Nutritionist and she is my number 1 go to person if I’ve got any questions or concerns. She kinda bullied me into feeding T everything home made and natural. I was heading to the Coop to get some baby rice when she scolded me into making it at home :p I just love her. If you’ve got any Nutritional questions you could find her in The Kuwait Counseling Center (+965)25356444 or

I’m also a sucker for gadgets and other things that make my life easier :p I know it’s easy to just mash things or mix by hand but I like feeling like I’m creating something complex Lol

Moulinex Baby Chef is the cutest thing EVER! It’s even tiny like a baby! As Jumana says, I can’t use it to mash the food as the blender would break down the healthy starches and I should instead use a fork or hand masher, but I can use it for mixing different purés together.

Dr. Browns hand masher is nice and easy to make a fast purée and it looks cute too :p you can find it in or Baroue.


Now this thing is the most fun ever!! My sister got for me a while ago from Oleana Boutique and I just couldn’t wait to use it! It’s a hand held compact food masher with an attached spoon for on the go feeding. Perfect for leaving it in your baby’s diaper bag.


BPA free spoons, cutlery case and food storage bowl from Mother Care in the cutest colors!

Last but not least checkout Annabel Karmel’s books from That Al Salasil or her application for the App store to make things simpler and easier for you. Great for working mummies!



Mothercare is now online!


Did you know that you can shop online from mothercare in Kuwait! I was shopping there with King the other day and one of the employees handed me a pamphlet about their online shopping site!
Congratulations to all the mummies and mummies to be in Kuwait! Now you can get what you want from your couch 🙂
Thank you alshayaa!!

Baby Bumpers, the controversy.


Tara is the most fidgety baby you’d ever meet. Even when she sleeps she would literally roll around 360 degrees in her crib. This made me worry about her bumping her head while she roams around there. I woke up a couple of times and saw her arm stuck between the posts and on another occasion her leg.
While I was pregnant I’ve read a lot on crib bumpers’ safety and decided against them. But know I’m kinda rethinking my decision and I guess I need some advice.


I found these breathable crib bumpers online and they’re supposed to be safer than the normal ones. These are made of mesh that allow are to flow in if your baby’s head presses against them.
So I’m kinda in a dilemma now. Should I use a bumper? If yes, should I go with the breathable ones? Or should I just stick with a bumper less crib and pray that my baby is more careful in her sleep?
Please share your wisdom.

Mustela Baby Products <3


I know babies have sensitive skin but I think princess T inherited the extra sensitivity from me 😦 since she’s been born her skins’ been prone to dryness and red spots. I experimented with a lot of baby products and even attempted to use my facial moisturizer on her (which actually helped). After many trials and errors I finally came across the best solution for her. Mustela baby products. The cream is thick but gets absorbed quickly so there is no stickiness and I saw the results after just 2 days. Her skin is much softer and smoother and all the redness and irritability disappeared (thank god!). The skin fresher was also quite nice, I spray some on her neck before we go out and it kinda acts like liquid powder.
The only downside of the products, as Tara’s godmother pointed out, is that they don’t have that “baby smell”. They’re actually fragrant free. I think that we only really get “baby smell” when we use Johnson products which I’m highly against! They’re too commercial and not like they used to be. They irritated my baby’s skin way too much.
Anyone who knows any good baby products please please share!