The Bump Vrs. The Heel

So here is my new problem! Heels. My Dr., my mum, my best friend (my brother in law also showed his concern yesterday :p) all tell me to stay away from the glorious high-heeled shoes. On the other hand, I see all these pregnancy magazines and online clothing stores and all the models are wearing high heels! (Note: when I say heels I mean the lovely sky high 5 inch or more ones :p) So my question to all the mummies and mummies-to-be out there: From you experience, is it OK to wear high heels during my pregnancy? and if it it OK, how many hours is it safe for me to be wearing them? If its a no-no for you, what dangers may occur?


6 thoughts on “The Bump Vrs. The Heel

  1. I dont think its ok , at least for me it hurts my back but if u feel that u can walk fine with it up until now then i don’t see why not

  2. It will start to put extra strain on ur back which is already strained from the bump! and believe me once ur in the last tri, u’re poor back will be abused enough without the stilletos!!! Also most preggo ladies get a bit clumsy and off balance as the center of gravity shifts, so heels could make the situation worse, and now is not the time to be falling over! I wore my heels till around 3 months, then stopped, then wore them once to a party at 7 months and at the end of night went home barefoot! also if ur prone to swollen feet heels will only make it worse towards the end. My advice if you chose to take it: wear them when they are absolutely neccessary (too cute to resist!) and only if u know ur gonna be seated, like to a dinner or an istigbal….avoid for work, shopping and running errands. U may feel fine now but it might catch up with u towards the end.

    • Um ghanim: to be honest I do suffer after wearing heels so I try to just wear them on my date nights with King coz I just want to look good for him 🙂 and towards the end of the night I do regret it but somehow I still can’t keep my feet away from them! :p I try to wear wedges most of the time coz for me they’re the safest thing. I’m taking this pregnancy day by day and I’ll see till when I can go through it rocking high heels! 🙂

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