Barcelona Memorial Montage <3


How cool is this?

I stole this from my friend M that took it in New York. I can’t even get my head half way to touch my knees! And that’s before I got pregnant :p

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F.C. Barcelona (champions) vs Manchester United

So the big day has finally arrived …. And to be honest all I can think about is the final !
Alot of my friends have been asking who do you think is gonna win oo all I can say is inshala Barcelona 😀
Statistically speaking though :

Barcelona played against Manchester for the champions 10 times before.
Both teams have 3 wins each.
Both teams drew 4 times.
Neither teams won the cup two times in a row.

Sooooooo im just hoping this time things will change.

Any constructive comments gabil il li3ib ?!

PLUS: ily ya36eeni il score 9a7 lah hadiya qayima :P!