Pregnancy 9th Month.. tik tok tik tok

Ok now I’m starting to freak out :p

I’ve been strong all these past months, doing all the research, eating healthy, exercising regularly and buying all the things we need to prepare myself for the birth. And maybe cause it seemed somewhat far away it didn’t come to my mind that I should kinda freak out :p Come on Queen what were you thinking?! Your bringing a baby into this world! Ofcourse you should freak out! Leave the fact that with the random contractions and other painful sensations I’m experiencing now that have lead me to acknowledge that birth is a PAINFUL experience, the anxiety I’m feeling now that our life is gonna change.. Forever. I’m sure someone is thinking “yeah its gonna change for the better” but think of it, its change and change is always a scary thing..

Now that I’m in the 9th month of pregnancy and knowing that the baby could make up its mind and announce its arrival anytime now, I’m trying to enjoying every day as much as possible and ramadhan is the best time for that! I’m off from work so I don’t need to stress about meetings and paperwork, and I spend the time before futoor watching shows/doing yoga infront of the tv/reading quran. Next year I’ll have a nearly 1 year old baby running around so I deserve some lazy time now sa7? :p

Meskeeeen King. I think he’s more worried than I am. He knows what a dalooo3a wife he has and I’m sure he’s dreading the day I go into labour :p He’s being really supportive, ignoring my rants and showering me with compliments that he knows I need alot of now that I’m feeling like a blow up version of my past self :p Thank you soon to be Baba King! Kilaa ib ajrah tara :p

I don’t know when my next pregnancy journal post is gonna be, ma tadroon maybe the next time I post akoon already sirt Mama! 🙂 So till then, plz plz id3oooliii and if you have any last advice to throw my way I would highly appreciate it!



Umbilical Cord Storage

One of my friends suggested that I call up the Cells for Life representative in Kuwait and ask them to store my baby’s umbilical cord. It was the first time I knew it’s available in Kuwait and I was surprised actually.

At first I was skeptical but my friend kept telling me how beneficial it is for the baby, and if we were lucky enough to be a match with her, it could help us too. My mum also encouraged me to go on and call them up. She pointed out that in this age of advanced medical technologies we should always take every opportunity that comes our way.


I read about stem cells and how it works online and I was very impressed with the successful stories and how it saved many lives.

Check out this link to know more about them.

And we would really appreciate it if anyone has any extra information they could share with us 🙂 As soon as I contact them I will add more information regarding prices and places of storage.





P.S. Excuse any grammatical and/or spelling errors, fasting and being 9 months pregnant makes it so hard to concentrate ;p

Pregnancy Week 33… The Whale Syndrome

Ok guys I haven’t posted about my pregnancy for a while now cause each week I hope the next I would have nice things to say :p Now at 33 weeks I give up and I will confess that I’m acting like a very hormonal pregnant women!

I’m suffering from what I call the “whale syndrome” when I lay down I feel like those poor whales that get washed up on shore and are stuck there till someone moves them.. Although my weight is below the average weight I should be, I still feel SO heavy!! I don’t know how women with big bumps can walk around. Before I managed to glide and keep my grace while walking, now I waddle around (its so funny! I laugh at myself if I see my reflection in a window while walking). I keep on bumping into things coz my brain keeps forgetting that I’ve got new dimensions now. And with the baby dropping, it makes me want to walk around lifting my bump up coz I keep feeling like I’m gonna fall flat on my face!

 I heard that the 8th month is the hardest and the 9th is much easier, I can’t seem to believe that and I’m sure its part of the “pregnant women code” that they lie to first time mummies to make them feel better, along with “giving birth is not so bad” and “you never looked more beautiful”. But at least with this lie I’m trying to stay positive and hope that 2 weeks from now when I’m in my 9th month I’ll be able to do ballet :p

I’m sounding like a drama queen adri but as I keep telling my friends, I’ve been the best pregnant friend you have for the past 8 months, now you have to deal with my drama :p

My dearest baby, I love you so so much and I’m sorry I’m sharing with the world the ugly things your doing to me, but be assured that everytime I feel you move inside me I smile in my heart and I thank god for putting you there.

My dearest King, thank you for being the sweetest and most supportive husband a woman could wish for. Thank you for cheering me up when I’m down and calming the baby when I’m trying to sleep. I hope I could be as supportive to you as you are to me. I love you.

My dearest friends, thank you for making me feel that even when I’m 8 months pregnant I can still live my life like any other 24 year old. Love you guys.

Week 28.. in Maternity Pants!

Atlaaaaaaaaaast I fit in maternity pants without looking frumpy! My belly is now so obviously with child :p I stopped getting the “are you pregnant?” questions and instead people ask me straight away about the baby. And oh am I so happy with my maternity pants! I’ve let go of the belly extenders and tummy sleeves and it feels more comfortable not having to deal with so many bits and pieces. I got a designer pair as well so I don’t feel left out :p

Check out Destination Maternity in 360 Mall. They’ve got a great collection of designer maternity jeans, pants and leggings. They’ve got a sale going on now as well as some new collection items from the line Lavish by Heidi Klum.

Happy Bellies everyone! ;p


Pregnancy Craving

I woke up craving a coffee frapp! I never like cold coffee and I’m sure my baby doesn’t need it, but I can’t explain how fidgety and sad I was until I drank this sinful thing! Well I did order it with skimmed milk and decaf as well so I shouldn’t feel that bad :p life is much brighter for mummy queen now 🙂

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Week 23… Water Retention

I thought exercising and eating healthy would help me avoid water retention but yet again my pregnant body surprised me! I’ve been feeling a lot of pain in my knees, legs and feet for a while and I decided to seek help!
I went to a reflexology expert and she told me that I’m experiencing water retention and that’s what’s causing the pain. Also my knees are “loose” (I don’t know what that means :p) and a massage would do wonders! As soon as she finished from my right leg, I SWEAR my calf and foot looked thinner!! And she agreed with me, telling me that in a while I’ll be seeing precipitation on my foot and that’s the excess water leaving my system. And my oh my was she right!
After 30 mins of her doing wonders on my lower body I felt so energised and ready to conquer the world with my not so pregnant legs!
She advised me to get the treatment every 10 days which I’ll sure be doing. I highly recommend it to every pregnant lady out there.
God bless massages!

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Update: I just weighed myself and I’m 400 grams lighter! I’m guessing its the water that left my legs!!

My Fake Pregnancy Glow


Everyon’s been complimenting my “pregnancy glow” lately.. I have to confess, its FAKE! 🙂  OK so maybe the pregnancy has contributed to my better complexion (finally, that was not the case 3 months ago) and a fuller face (I hope its stops here or else i’ll end up looking like a baby hamester :p) Anyways so this is what’s faking my glow:

1- Guerlain Bronzing Powder Mist. This thing is genius in a bottle! I spray it a couple of time on my face and neck and I end up looking like I was laying on a tanning bed for hours! Its very easy to use, odourless and doesn’t stain on my clothes.

2- Isadora Glow Stick. I just rub this on my cheek bones and blend. The residue that stays on my finger, I rub on the tip of  my nose and upper lip. This gives me a very subtle highlight that only shows as a reflection.

Et voila! I’m a glowing pregnant woman! :p