Tara’s new favorite books! I love how her eyes widen when she sees something pop up or how she gets all excited when she touches the fur of the animals in the book. We’re trying to read her more Arabic both King and I didn’t grow up reading Arabic books that much and it kinda affected our interest in our mother language which is kinda sad. Hope Princess T grows up with a better grasp of Arabic than us.


Flash Mob Kuwait!

Actually before I posted my last post me/queen and a couple of friends were seriously discussing the idea of positive flash mobs, for example, something that would actually have a positive impact towards the Kuwaiti Culture in general, so if your interested in discussing ideas and/or wanting to take part feel free to email us at ourfamilynestq8@gmail.com.

Here is a slight example of what I mean:

Please help us by spreading the word and making this little project a bit easier.

Dinos at 360



We passed by the National Geographic Augmented Reality in 360 just now. It’s sooo cool! We were starving so we didn’t wait in line to try it out 😦 will try to pass by sometime later though!
Take the kids it’s amaaaazing they’ll love it!
And btw how cute is that girl putting her hands behind her so the dinosaurs won’t eat them :*