Kids are Beautiful




My sister just sent me these pictures from Nepal where she’s currently doing volunteering work. I had to share it. Aren’t kids the most beautiful creatures ever? No matter where they’re from, they’re always beautiful. God bless all kids around the world.


Our Day at Milk


King and I did a quick stop at Milk during the weekend. The place is cute and the weather was perfect for sitting outdoors. Although the food was not that special, we do recommend it if u wanted a quick and light bite to eat.







The Nut Tree Closed Down :(


I went to The Nut Tree in AlZahra Co op and the cleaning man told me it shut down for good so I tried the one in Mishref Co op and found out it also shut down 😦 Does anyone know if the one in Burj Baitik is still open? I love their dried fruit and I’ll be so sad if it’s closed as well 😦

Spa Socks


I got these from Sephora after my sister recommended them. They’re very soft fleece pink socks with an coating of a gel made of grapeseed, jajoba and olive oil as well as vitamin E.
They felt so soothing and relaxing when I put them on and walking in them was so cool! It’s supposed to soften your feet and after a few hours of wearing them I really felt my feet were a little softer.
Gonna try them again and see if my feet become as soft as Princess T’s :p

Cooking at Tatami

I’m so glad I signed up for the cooking class Chef Danah Al Tourah was hosting at Tatami today! I arrived there late coz of traffic but thank god there was only 1 person waiting there and I later found out that she was a fellow blogger, the gorgeous Nouf from one of my favorite blogs RanNouf
Chef Danah introduced us to eachother then handed out our recipe sheets and sexy orange aprons ( I wish I didn’t give it back! :p)
We headed into the kitchen with I must say was very immaculate and welcoming.
We spent nearly 3 hours there but time passed by so fast cause we were having so much fun! I must say that Chef D’s teaching was very educational and entertaining. She explained everything in so much detail, from how to mix a marinade properly to how to mince garlic and easily remove olive pits.
I highly recommend everyone to join her next classes, and she also gives private classes if you wanna plan a fun activity for your friends.
Check out what we cooked today!
And btw sorry for the quality of the pictures, I rushed out of the house and forgot my camera 😦

We made 2 sauces, chimichurri (the green one) which is one of my fav. Sauces and was so excited about it, and the other one was used as a marinade for the vegetables.


The vegetables that we marinated and grilled on their super cool charcoal grill



Then we worked on a beautiful Nuwaibi fish. Chef D. also taught us how to know if the fish is fresh and the proper way of freezing it.

Isn’t it gorgeous!

Stuffing and preparing the fish for grilling


The menu also consisted of pan seared salmon steaks and slider burgers




And lastly the thing I can’t wait to make for King, this extremely juicy pan grilled steak



I would like to thank chef Danah for this wonderful session and I can’t wait for her upcoming classes.
Make sure to follow Tatami on twitter @Tatami_Kuwait to know about all their offers and events and call 22251266 to reserve a table and enjoy their yummy food!