Zain Social Media Day


 Was extremely excited the other when we received this amazing parcel/envelope from Zain’s Social Media Team. The event will be on June 30th @ Missoni Hotel and will also be celebrating Zain’s 30th Year Anniversary, hopefully being the top for another 30 years to come.

I have to admit they always amaze me with their unique invitations and hip ideas.

Loved how it caught the concept of an old envelope/parcel while still having this hip modern essence with the multimedia card inside of it.

Make sure to check out the other blogs with personalized messages in their invitations, so nice of the team to take up their time to send these, much much appreciated 😀 !!

Check out their previous Teaser:

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Extreme Life!

Been following these guys for a while now, and I have to say their video’s are a pure genius.

A lot may say their lifestyle is a bit crazy but you got to give them credit they are simply amazing. One video that made my heart pump and want to do something like that is this crazy swing off a creek, with amazing video taking and editing, really think you should follow them on YouTube. I mean living in Kuwait seems like a routine sometimes and having some extracurricular activities can’t hurt, there has to be more than going to malls and restaurants right. Their username is Devinsupertramp. FOLLOW THEM:

Check these video’s out:

1. World’s Largest Rope Swing:

2. Human Slingshot Slip and Slide – Vooray:

3. Trike Drifting:

4. Paintball Warfare – Epic Paintball Battle:

5. Trike Racing – Fast and the Furious:

6. Modern Warfare – Epic Tower Jump:

7. Salt Boarding – Blank Snowboards:

8. Paramotor Sky Racers – Parabatix:

Al Anoud Kaftans


A few months ago I was blessed to meet Al Anoud and now she’s one of the dearest people to my heart. I’m so excited to announce her first Collection which is so beautiful, includes ready to wear Kaftans and dresses. Her designs are so fresh and different. I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Here’s a sample of her work








Check out more about AlAnoud and her collection on her website

Also follow her on twitter @all3anoud for the latest news!

Best of luck to you my beautiful new friend!

H&M Conscious Collection

Now that’s a collection I don’t mind waiting in line for! H&M are launching yet another Conscious Collection on April 12th in selected stores and this time it’s bigger and more beautiful than ever! The items are made from recycled materials to promote a more sustainable, green World.
Here are some of the items I loved the most.





Download the H&M application from the App store or visit their website to see more!
Love our Earth, be Conscious!

Addicted by Lady B

The very talented, very stylish Lady B has launched her new collection “Addicted by Lady B” I’m so so in love with it. I already ordered mine and don’t wait too long to order yours!
And men, Lady B didn’t leave you out, she’ve got very stylish designs for you.












Facebook :

Mothercare is now online!


Did you know that you can shop online from mothercare in Kuwait! I was shopping there with King the other day and one of the employees handed me a pamphlet about their online shopping site!
Congratulations to all the mummies and mummies to be in Kuwait! Now you can get what you want from your couch 🙂
Thank you alshayaa!!