Pregnant Styles I’m Loving

Although my bump is not showing yet at nearly 16 weeks, I can’t wait for it to arrive so I could be able to carry it proudly in fashionable clothing. So far I’m stuck in a transition phase I can’t wear any tight tops coz I just look bloated! :p  

Here are some styles of pregnant celebrities I’m loving for those who are more fortunate and can actually flaunt their bumps now 🙂

Selma Blair wearing AG Jeans Secret Fit Belly Signature Pocket Maternity Crop Jeans. I think I saw this brand of jeans in Destination MAternity in 360 Mall. Or you could just roll up ur straight cut or boyfriend cut maternity jeans. I just loved her relaxed look.

I’m actually going for Jessica Alba’s layered look right now to hide my bloated tummy ;p I would just add a skinny belt ontop of the cardigan though to balance it out a bit.

I’m planning to make loose fitted shift dresses my uniform during the whole pregnancy period. Nothing is more comfortable and I believe it looks good on almost every body shape. 

Leggings and an oversized shirt a-la Christina Applegate would be perfect for work. I’m gonna start raiding King’s closet very soon!

And my fav. pregnant celebrity style is…..

Mrs. V.B. I pray that when I’m pregnant with my fourth baby I’ll still have enough the energy to prance around in stilettos and an oversized clutch!

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