Our Nest

Hello Followers,

This is just a simple diary of us talking about our everyday lives, but first lets introduce ourselves.

We are newly weds as my husband puts it, however we have been married for two lovely years and are expecting our new chirp in September 🙂  We just wanted to share our perspective of life and the lovely times we share 🙂 Simply put… We just want to write about our experiences and hopefully one day learn from others and vice versa.

So let us begin!

Lots of Love,

Our Family Nest.


21 thoughts on “Our Nest

  1. Hello
    I just discovered ur blog, I’m 12 weeks pregnent & I’m having fun reading ur posts.
    it’s nice to have someone with the same issues n daily rants. I can kinda know what to expect a head of me cause of u.
    Hope u have a safe pregnancy n a healthy baby


    • Hi there G,
      I’m so glad I’m able to help you in any way possible. If you have any questions or worries just let me know and I’ll try my best to give you the right information. Just 1 thing I need you to keep in mind is that every pregnancy is unique and always be optimistic, you might go through your pregnancy so smoothly inshala and not experience anything of what I’m going through.
      I hope you have a glamourous pregnancy and a very healthy and beautiful baby!

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  3. Hello queen. Hope ur doing well.
    Do you of any places in q8 that offer lamaze classes or any kind of ” child birth” prep?


  4. Hello! I’m 20 weeks pregnant with our first child and I just came across your blog and read through every entry! It’s been so helpful. Great job!

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