Ezgert Ramadhan Offer

I Love Ezgert! They have the coolest sleeves , cases, and speakers ever. So creative and innovative. If you haven’t checked them out already this is your chance, they’re having a promotional offer for Ramadhan!

Ramadhan Offer:

10% off + free shipping
all they have to do to get this offer is tweet or post a pic in instagram with  1- @EZGRT 2- @(insert our blog twitter or instagram account)  3- Order Number ..
e.g. tweet  {I just purchased a skin from @ezgrt using @FN_king_queen Discount #3075}
Another example comment under an instagram pic { @Ezgrt @fnqueen #3076}


Hurry up and get your orders!

Ezgert instagram and twitter accounts:

Happy Ramadhan to you and your family!



2 thoughts on “Ezgert Ramadhan Offer

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