Pick Yo the Great


The other day the sweet Lady B was tweeting that she was craving papaya with frozen yogurt. I’m not a fan of frozen yogurt but the thought of anything with papaya (which I call the love fruit) makes me drool!! So I replied that I’m starting to crave it too and Pick Yo with their amazing customer service tweeted back that they’ll make it happen! I honestly thought it would take them a while so I was really surprised when 2 days later Lady B contacted me that they’ve got it!! So we headed out there to try it out. The result? EXTRAORDINARY!!!!


Pick YO let me say, you truly changed my opinion about frozen yogurt coz yours was delicious!! And the papaya with it? Helloooo summer lunch!

The papaya topping will be a weekend special so head to Pick Yo
Kuwait City Al Durwaza#51 Tower
Sharq (Durwazat AlAbdulrazaq)
Commercial Mall
And they deliver!!


2 thoughts on “Pick Yo the Great

  1. Hello,

    Thanks a lot for writing about PICK YO. Your post gave us a bigger motive to give even a better service to our lovely customers. We are flattered to know that you loved PICK YO even though yogurt is not your thing.

    Wish you the best of luck to you and your great family nest 😉 all the best with your blog.

    Best regards,
    PICK YO team

    • Oh thank you! I had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to go back to try your other stuff! I actually called to order some frozen yogurt at work that’s how much I loved it! But unfortunately u were unavailable for delivery so I’m gonna try again tomorrow and i’ll let you know what my colleagues think of it 🙂
      Best of luck to you and hope you get more successful with what you do.

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