Mustela Baby Products <3


I know babies have sensitive skin but I think princess T inherited the extra sensitivity from me 😦 since she’s been born her skins’ been prone to dryness and red spots. I experimented with a lot of baby products and even attempted to use my facial moisturizer on her (which actually helped). After many trials and errors I finally came across the best solution for her. Mustela baby products. The cream is thick but gets absorbed quickly so there is no stickiness and I saw the results after just 2 days. Her skin is much softer and smoother and all the redness and irritability disappeared (thank god!). The skin fresher was also quite nice, I spray some on her neck before we go out and it kinda acts like liquid powder.
The only downside of the products, as Tara’s godmother pointed out, is that they don’t have that “baby smell”. They’re actually fragrant free. I think that we only really get “baby smell” when we use Johnson products which I’m highly against! They’re too commercial and not like they used to be. They irritated my baby’s skin way too much.
Anyone who knows any good baby products please please share!


4 thoughts on “Mustela Baby Products <3

  1. I use Mustella for my baby girl!! French brands are fantastic. Bioderma is also great for babies 🙂 only downside about Mustella is that it’s hard to find in all pharmacies or enough quantity is available, so i tend to buy more and store

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