Baby Bumpers, the controversy.


Tara is the most fidgety baby you’d ever meet. Even when she sleeps she would literally roll around 360 degrees in her crib. This made me worry about her bumping her head while she roams around there. I woke up a couple of times and saw her arm stuck between the posts and on another occasion her leg.
While I was pregnant I’ve read a lot on crib bumpers’ safety and decided against them. But know I’m kinda rethinking my decision and I guess I need some advice.


I found these breathable crib bumpers online and they’re supposed to be safer than the normal ones. These are made of mesh that allow are to flow in if your baby’s head presses against them.
So I’m kinda in a dilemma now. Should I use a bumper? If yes, should I go with the breathable ones? Or should I just stick with a bumper less crib and pray that my baby is more careful in her sleep?
Please share your wisdom.


2 thoughts on “Baby Bumpers, the controversy.

  1. never thought bumpers could be unsafe! I used one for my baby’s crib and it has been there since she was born 4 mnths ago. Just a normal one I guess not breathable or anything special, got it from pottery barn. I think it’s safe and the crib is still open from top so no worries about air flow or anything! plus I think it kept my baby warm rather than air flowing in during the past cold winter nights.

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