Chai Al Dhaha at The Sadu House

I passed by The Sadu House for Chai Al Dhaha with my sister today and I must say that I’m so proud to have such a beautiful place that still hold and preserves our heritage. The Sadu house had a lot of interesting things as well as interesting people. We met the very pretty and very sweet Bibi Al Sabah the chair member of the Sadu House and she was kind enough to take us around and explain to us what they do.



We saw textiles and clothing items done by both the traditional inhouse weavers and Ms Nuha Al Mansour


Furniture and household items that are traditional with a modern spirit.



And at last I met the beautiful Ms Samah Oueslati which I heard so much about from my sister. She is even more kind and sweet than I imagined and so inspiring. She even signed her book “Why I choose Kuwait” for Tara!

Her book is available at That Al Salasil in Avenues, The Sadu House and also at Breakfast and Brunch. I encourage everyone to read it as it will remind us all just how great Kuwait is.
Thank you Sadu House for the wonderful day at make sure you visit them every Monday for Chai Al Dhaha!



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