For the last couple of weeks I have been having these urges to build something or craft or even paint، and I don’t mean like a cupboard or something lame/boring.
So anyways I started drawing a bit here and there, maybe if I end up actually completely finishing anything I’d post something up, however it still didn’t satisfy my need.
I tried a couple of things like fixing my bike all the way to making videos and cooking, I even bought a puzzle with queen to symbolize the building part, as enjoyable and delighting that was I still had something missing.
Finally I remembered what I used to love doing when I was way younger which was building remote control cars.
Same day I called up a friend of mine and headed straight to Tamiya at Al-Tilal complex, which I haven’t seen since probably 1995 when it was in Muthana.
After asking about I decided to go with the limited edition sexy Avante just because it was the remake of the original Avante of 1988 which was the mother of all RC cars, and which apparently I was lucky to pick the last one up.
Here are some pics of this sexy little thing with some others:





I will post other pictures when I finish assembling, at the mean time I was hoping somebody to help me pick Colors for the paint job.


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