Baby Proofing at ToysRus


King and I passed by ToysRus today to get a Jumperoo for Princess T and we were surprised at the large baby section they had. Not just toys, they had clothes, gears and strollers too. What was also nice is that they had a large baby proofing collection, we were wondering where we could get them from and 7amdilla now we know where.




They also had a cool thing u stick on ur car that alerts pedestrians when ur backing up. It’s specially helpful for us as the kids in our neighborhood are always playing in the street.



5 thoughts on “Baby Proofing at ToysRus

  1. Did you end up finding a good jumperoo? i have been looking for a good one but havent found one that i like , so i settled for the one i didnt like

  2. By the way i think still ma3arfteeny, i was in ur sister heba class in NES , but i left during middle school and went to AIS. You were in elementary so maybe thats why ma tathkireen:*

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