Parenting: The Fourth Month


She’s teething! She’s teething! She’s teeeeeeething! Lol ok I had to get it out of my system. These past months flew by so so fast so you can imagine my reaction when I had my finger in her mouth to clean it (dentist recommendation,am not weird) and felt a tooth!! I jumped up in joy which kinda freaked T out :p then as I was putting her to sleep I started crying! This explains why she’s been chewing on everything she grabs. My baby is growing up too fast.. I know I’m supposed to save this for her first step or the day she starts school, but literally days are passing by so quickly. I guess it true what they say, time flies when you’re have fun, and it’s been a joy Il7AMDILLA!!
I’m starting a series of short training courses next week as a transition between staying at home all day with T and starting work. Trying to test the waters and see if there’s any separation issues (all on my behalf I must admit) I just miss her cute diaper covered tush so quickly!

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