Tara’s new favorite books! I love how her eyes widen when she sees something pop up or how she gets all excited when she touches the fur of the animals in the book. We’re trying to read her more Arabic both King and I didn’t grow up reading Arabic books that much and it kinda affected our interest in our mother language which is kinda sad. Hope Princess T grows up with a better grasp of Arabic than us.



2 thoughts on “Books

  1. Waaaaay to go!!! zain etsawoon! naby 3yalna yetkalmon 3arabi!!! ana wa7da khayfa la2na mashoof illa yahhal 7acheehum emkassar o may3arfoon yegron! 7aram hathy lu’3atna! our language and identity are at risk and no one seems to be taking it seriously!

    • Sajaa! Ana wala asti7i Ini ma3arif agra 3arabi 3adil. Oo Ini agralaha kutub ga3d isa3idni Ana ba3ad. Sij ini lazim agrah awal 5 marat 3ashan ma akharbi6 3alaiha :p oo inshala itseer it7ib tgra oo titkalam 3arabi 🙂

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