The Blessed Child

I watched this on ilsul6ana and it literally made me cry. God Bless your hearts for this courageous and noble step. I wish there where more people as brave as you. I admit, I would be terrified to raise an orphan, coz I believe the responsibility is even bigger than raising your own child,and even harder.
May god bless your home and your beautiful baby boy and Allah iwafigkum ya rab. You are truly an inspiration.


2 thoughts on “The Blessed Child

  1. i believe we need more people like them in kuwait.. Honestly always wanted to adopt in the future.. We need to raise more cultural awareness regarding this topic. Walla 3afya 3alaihom mashalla… sij sij made my day watching this video…

    • Eee wala they’re amazing. I heard there are other couples in Kuwait doing the same thing, but the great think this couple did is go public. This I believe encourages more people to step up and kinda removes the taboo factor from the situation.

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