F.S.F.E. Airplane Guy


We finally got the chance to be able to travel for a couple of days after queens birth and I know I haven’t posted at all during the last few months but hey a guy in the airplane who was a major pain in the *beep* had me riled up to want to post again.
So what happened we managed to get in the plane 6:30am and you can imagine how sleepy/im9a6il I was, anyways upon getting in it seems we got the emergency seats window/middle and the aisle seat was occupied by this unknown jinsiya guy I guessed British (little finger in mouth Austin powers style) but queen said he was an Arab talking in some English accent, I guess she was right cause I’m half asleep posting this on the plane.
Soooo anyways we get in sit down, my wife had this small bag barely a handbag put under her seat, guy turns to me and says excuuuuuuse me with a fart like smelling face expression and tells me “rules and regulations call for you to put your bag in the overhead storaaage”, So me being polite I apologize madry laish and put her bag up with a polite small.
5 mins pass the stewardess passes and asks people around to close their phones, I switch to airplane mode and lock it, stewardess passes I reopen ( come on everybody does it) I turn around damn it’s fart smelling face expression guy giving me the hmphh expression! I hold it in and close my phone.
Another five mins pass and I look over queen and see the bright sunlight is directly hitting her eyes so I decide let me be nice so I shut the window shade and block the sun, F.S.F.E. guy taps me on the shoulder and with a lai3a chebdy turn I look at him and he babbles “excuuuuuse maay but in case of a craaash we have to be able to see outside (picture of a goat crossing a cloud pops in my head that we have to avoid), I turn and reopen the window and justify to him that I did it to cover the sun while the plane moves, he replies “haaaaay mister I’m not the one who put these ruuuuules and regulations (vomit) but you know what I’m going to change seats since you … Babble babble he gets up and walks away.
So moral of the story *beep* F.S.F.E. guy.
Upon arriving safely thanks to god I walk up to our friend F.S.F.E. guy and tell him “thank god for protective blinds huh” and walk off.
I was wondering does anybody have any annoying plane stories that could have happened to them ??


2 thoughts on “F.S.F.E. Airplane Guy

  1. I had a long flight where I was traveling alone, so I had lots of entertainment packed in my handbag!.. U name it books, magazines, knitting, sudoku .. I went all out since it was my first time traveling alone and it was a 7 hour flight, and i usually get bored on planes!
    I sat next to this lady who insisted on talking no matter how busy I pretended to be reading my book. I ended up meeting her family (through her stories, since she too was travelling alone, well I choose not to count her sleeping cousin as a companion!), by family i don’t just mean her spouse and kids, no no no, i met her extended family including her cousins on both sides. I learned where each one worked, where they studied and how their kids were doing in school! And her cousin slept for 7 hours while i had to sit there and entertain HER!
    Safe to say my 10-kg handbag was left untouched!

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