The birth


Thursday September 8th 2011

I’m 5 days past my due date, so u guys imagine how huge and tired I was feeling. For the past 2 weeks King takes me walking on the sandy beach of Kuwait with hope that the baby would finally decide to honor us with her presence :p

Just left the Dr.’s office where he told me that the baby seems to be enjoying herself and won’t be coming out anytime soon. We agreed that we’ll meet again on Saturday and discuss options. I call up King telling him the news and my decision that I will forget about the baby and enjoy the weekend.

We book a movie at 8:45 while having lunch at Lorenzo.

I decide to take a nap to build up the energy to go out later that night.

I wake up from what turned out to be a deep sleep, chatted with King, got out of bed, on the way to my changing room, my water broke!
I’m gonna save you from the details that followed which involved lots of laughing from my behalf and King and the nanny telling me off for wasting time putting on make up :p

I think I should write a short story of my birth :p it was hilarious.

Friday September 9th 2011

3:23 pm

My sister Juju (baby’s godmother) cuts the umbilical cord and Princess Tara is born! 🙂

Of course the 21 hours of my labour weren’t so easy and I wouldn’t have done it without my family and Dr. Ahmad Al Shazly who was by my side all the time and reminded me to stay strong as well as ensuring the safest way of delivering the baby.

There are a lot of things I would like to add to this post but unfortunately the baby makes my free time very limited and there are other things I would like to post about. And I don’t want you guys to get bored with my blabber :p

Talk to you soon inshallah


2 thoughts on “The birth

  1. Aww congrats hon! You disappeared for a while at first I was wondering if you gave birth or not but then found out on twitter that you did! I hope you are adjusting well with the little one!

    Can’t wait to read more of your posts o 7emdella 3ala salamtich dear 😀

    You’ve been missed!!!

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