Dr. Ahmad We Love You


I would like to dedicate this post to the amazing Dr. Ahmad Al Shazly. He is the most amazing Dr anyone could dream of! He’s supportive and such a gentleman, always answering my calls even at odd times and takes all our questions and hesitations seriously no matter how minute they were. If you guys remember how I struggled with finding the best Dr, and I must say that after all the Drs I saw no one could come close to Dr Ahmad’s professionalism and compassion.
All new mommies out there I’m ordering you to go see him and you’ll know what I mean from the first visit !
Thank you a million times dear Dr. I don’t think I could’ve done this without you. God bless you.

Dr. Ahmad Al Shazly
Al Hilal Clinic

One thought on “Dr. Ahmad We Love You

  1. Dear Yasmin Dear Ahmed
    I must say that It was real pleasure to know you and your husband Ahmed and to look after you during pregnancy and labour.
    It was real joy to attend your delivery of sweet little Tara.
    Thanks Million for you comment.
    See you in the next pregnancy.
    Ahmed Elshazly

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