Viva Kuwait !

Big thanks to Viva whom without I don’t think I would have bothered going to the Kathma Stadium for the Kuwait vs Korea game.

Also I heard from other bloggers that they seemed to have had difficulties getting into the game, something I learned very harshly ages ago, that you cannot enter the stadium if you do not show up more than two hours prior to starting the game.

What I loved about the game is how packed the stadium was and how entertaining the Kuwaiti fans were.. which made the two hour wait in the heat hardily noticeable.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting the Kuwait team to hold up against the hard Korean competitors especially when they had mostly very professional players, probably cause the heat was unbearable to some point.

The game started with a disappointing goal against Kuwait which surprisingly did not falter the enthusiasm of the Kuwaiti fans or players, however Kuwait’s comeback goal brought back the fans with double the enthusiasm.

So Kuwait is drawed with Korea with 4 points each which puts them both on the top in their group. Lets pray and show bigger support 7eg il “Azrag” ily wala yistahloon.

Sadly my favorite partner was unable to make it (Queen) due to her condition, however she mentioned how amazing Khalid Al Harban’s commentary was 3ala golatha qawi.

ملخص المباراة:

“….. شيل الحكم و حط”

Check out Kuwait’s Audience:

Goal hightlights:


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