مسرحية زين إلى عالم جميل

King and I are both happy with the idea of this play, at last a play that seems to be actually beneficial and decent for kids. With these new bizarre plays that seem nothing but a waste of time for our young ones, this definitely stands out and reminds us of the Huda Hussain plays we grew up watching. Now that we are having a baby soon inshala and will probably be taking our baby to see plays in Eid in a few years, we hope that by that time actors and play writers will come up with educational shows, ma nabii masra7iyaat el ghoul wil sanaafir, tweety oo spongebob! :p

Oh! and the guy at the end of the advert reminded King of Bert from Mary Poppins and I totally agree! He has the same mannerisms and facial expressions 3ajeeeb!

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