F. Naqi Institute

I’m so excited to write about the beautiful Ms.Fatima Al Naqi’s Institute. I first met her in a makeup course my friends dragged me into more than a year ago. I intended to go to 1 class and leave because I was sure anyone in Kuwait that gives makeup courses will try to turn me into one of these overly made faces with multicolored eyeshadows and eyeliners that went up to their ears. But honestly I was fascinated by Fatima’s simplistic, if I may say, “european” style of makeup with a very elegant arabic touch. She quickly became a friend more than an instructor and my friends and I used to leave her class laughing and eager to rush back the following week. Fatima talked to us about her idea of opening a beauty institute and we honestly couldn’t wait for it. We all wanted her to do our makeup for ever wedding and give us hairstyling tips for every event!

Today her dream came true and she opens the doors to every women like me who’s sick of worrying a thousand times before booking a makeup session with someone. Trust me with Fatima you could just relax, close your eyes and know for sure that she’s gonna bring out the beauty in you.

I have so much more to say about this talented young woman, but I’ll leave you with some information about both Fatima and her institute.

From courses in Kuwait, to Makeup diplomas in Spain, certificates in London, Fatima S. Al Naqi has a lot to bring to the table. Her experiences do her justice, with Makeup certificates from Jemma Kidd Makeup school, London, Al Naqi was given one on one classes with different Makeup artists such as Mai Lee, David Horne, Sevim and the Celebrity Makeup artist, Photographer Gozra Lozano, and most importantly was chosen to design the Cover Book for Gozra Lozano.

Her infamous airbrushing was the first to be introduced in Kuwait, Al Naqi has also collaborated projects with Closet Candy and November Boutique.
The first makeup Academy (FNi) F. Naqi institute has recently been launched , one to one classes are being offered and group classes as well, and then further on, a Mentor, Gozra Lozano who will also give workshops to those who are interested.




Check out the youtube video of the make up academy it really shows how creative and different her style is:


F.Naqi Institue is located in Salwa, Block 2, Street 1, Blue MAdakhil Building (next to Al Ahli Bank), in the Basement.

Make sure to visit her website and facebook page  ( F. Naqi Institute) to see more about the place and the services they offer.

Contact Numbers: 94999945   25669624

Follow Fatima on twitter @FALNAQI for great makeup and beauty tips


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