Pregnancy 9th Month.. tik tok tik tok

Ok now I’m starting to freak out :p

I’ve been strong all these past months, doing all the research, eating healthy, exercising regularly and buying all the things we need to prepare myself for the birth. And maybe cause it seemed somewhat far away it didn’t come to my mind that I should kinda freak out :p Come on Queen what were you thinking?! Your bringing a baby into this world! Ofcourse you should freak out! Leave the fact that with the random contractions and other painful sensations I’m experiencing now that have lead me to acknowledge that birth is a PAINFUL experience, the anxiety I’m feeling now that our life is gonna change.. Forever. I’m sure someone is thinking “yeah its gonna change for the better” but think of it, its change and change is always a scary thing..

Now that I’m in the 9th month of pregnancy and knowing that the baby could make up its mind and announce its arrival anytime now, I’m trying to enjoying every day as much as possible and ramadhan is the best time for that! I’m off from work so I don’t need to stress about meetings and paperwork, and I spend the time before futoor watching shows/doing yoga infront of the tv/reading quran. Next year I’ll have a nearly 1 year old baby running around so I deserve some lazy time now sa7? :p

Meskeeeen King. I think he’s more worried than I am. He knows what a dalooo3a wife he has and I’m sure he’s dreading the day I go into labour :p He’s being really supportive, ignoring my rants and showering me with compliments that he knows I need alot of now that I’m feeling like a blow up version of my past self :p Thank you soon to be Baba King! Kilaa ib ajrah tara :p

I don’t know when my next pregnancy journal post is gonna be, ma tadroon maybe the next time I post akoon already sirt Mama! 🙂 So till then, plz plz id3oooliii and if you have any last advice to throw my way I would highly appreciate it!


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy 9th Month.. tik tok tik tok

  1. 3sallaaah ysaahil 3laaaaich ya rb ;* Wow…any time now you could go into labor ;p Wanasah you’ll be welcoming a new bird to the nest.. its exciting 😀

    U have my support 😉 itha tabeen ay shay, please just ask.. faj2a u crave something o King mu mla7g aw midoudh fa pass it on to me lol ;p

  2. Enshalla ya rab egawmech bl salama o etshofeen your baby in the best health possible o enshalla everything goes smoothly and your labor isn’t that tough :** Ya rab ameen!

    I really do wish that for you! You deserve all the best o enshalla you’ll be an awesome mom!

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