Umbilical Cord Storage

One of my friends suggested that I call up the Cells for Life representative in Kuwait and ask them to store my baby’s umbilical cord. It was the first time I knew it’s available in Kuwait and I was surprised actually.

At first I was skeptical but my friend kept telling me how beneficial it is for the baby, and if we were lucky enough to be a match with her, it could help us too. My mum also encouraged me to go on and call them up. She pointed out that in this age of advanced medical technologies we should always take every opportunity that comes our way.


I read about stem cells and how it works online and I was very impressed with the successful stories and how it saved many lives.

Check out this link to know more about them.

And we would really appreciate it if anyone has any extra information they could share with us 🙂 As soon as I contact them I will add more information regarding prices and places of storage.





P.S. Excuse any grammatical and/or spelling errors, fasting and being 9 months pregnant makes it so hard to concentrate ;p

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