Live from the Viva & Manchester United Media Coverage

Although we started an hour late, the event is great so far.


Last Thursday we were invited by VIVA to attended the launch and press conference of their new big thing, the exclusive sponsoring of Manchester United in the Middle East.
Although the event started and hour late and we were getting restless in our seats, it was a great night.
It started of with the Holy Grail, the Barclays Cup! Right there in the middle of the exhibition hall in 360 Mall, it still looked as glorious!
The masterminds behind the whole venture were introduce to start explaining the deal and what surprises VIVA clients will experience with this partnership.
Mr. Salman Al Badran, CEO of VIVA stated that they will be the exclusive sponsors of Manchester United in the Middle East for the next 5 years. This means that VIVA will provide their clients with various Manchester United merchandise and offers as well as the opportunity to attend Man. Utd. Games next season. They will also be opening up the opportunity for Kuwaiti youth to train in the Man.U football school.
The most exciting thing ever was that the Manchester United legend Mr. Bryan Robson was there! He seemed even more humble and great than in any interview I’ve seen. He talked about how excited he was as a representative of Man Utd to be in Kuwait and reveal this partnership with VIVA. He said that between the 330 million Man Utd fans around the world, a large number of that is in the Middle East and this is a great opportunity for them to get connect with their fans and show them gratitude for their support.
The rest of the team that made this event happen are Mr. Omar Al Houti, PR Manager of VIVA and Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim, the Marketing Manager. For Manchester United, Mr. Nick Humphrey the International Relations Manager.
When we first came in we were given small coupons with numbers on them, and at the end of the night there was a draw on 2 tickets to the Man Utd Vrs Tottenham game. The first guy who won was blogger Banana Kuwait! And the second was Mike Imbalta3 from Marina FM, I guess his passion for football was awarded this time! 🙂
VIVA really out did themselves this time and they’re seriously making me think of becoming one of their clients because I’m a huge Man Utd fan! The event was great, and I can’t wait to see their offers kick start.
We would like to thank VIVA for the invitation and congratulate them on the successful night, they got us all intrigued. Good Luck Guys!

Due to technical difficulties (my card readers not working) pictures will be uploaded soon, hopefully!


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