Zain.. Come On!!


I think Zain are ripping me off! They make me feel like I’m working in the stock market and constantly have to be on the phone or I’ve got a boyfriend I talk to for hours! Shda3wa chithe my bill this high! and every month its different. Before I used to think it’s coz I was out of the country for a couple of days and thats why my bill is high but I haven’t travelled since March! They’re making me feel like I’m a stupid consumer which I hate. Allah isami7kum.

3 thoughts on “Zain.. Come On!!

  1. They are a total rip off, and I’m thinking of switching to Wataniya!

    They ripped my brother off, when he settled his 45KD bill through KNET and told him that he didn’t! He printed out a statement from NBK that obviously shows he paid for them… but their STUPID system doesn’t show the settlement… boug ashkarah? I think so!

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