Week 28.. in Maternity Pants!

Atlaaaaaaaaaast I fit in maternity pants without looking frumpy! My belly is now so obviously with child :p I stopped getting the “are you pregnant?” questions and instead people ask me straight away about the baby. And oh am I so happy with my maternity pants! I’ve let go of the belly extenders and tummy sleeves and it feels more comfortable not having to deal with so many bits and pieces. I got a designer pair as well so I don’t feel left out :p

Check out Destination Maternity in 360 Mall. They’ve got a great collection of designer maternity jeans, pants and leggings. They’ve got a sale going on now as well as some new collection items from the line Lavish by Heidi Klum.

Happy Bellies everyone! ;p


Zain.. Come On!!


I think Zain are ripping me off! They make me feel like I’m working in the stock market and constantly have to be on the phone or I’ve got a boyfriend I talk to for hours! Shda3wa chithe my bill this high! and every month its different. Before I used to think it’s coz I was out of the country for a couple of days and thats why my bill is high but I haven’t travelled since March! They’re making me feel like I’m a stupid consumer which I hate. Allah isami7kum.