Customized Baby Nursery Checklist



I’m getting started on designing and preparing the baby nursery now and while I was researching things on the internet I found this cool checklist that you can customize to your need. Its really easy and perfect for first time mommies-to-be like me. Last time I walked into a baby store hoping to get things for the nursery I had a small episode of a panic attack :p I kept telling King “I’m gonna be the worst mom in the world! I know how to shop for myself but not my baby!” So word of advice, don’t walk into a baby store without a list and a plan of action! :p


Pregnancy Week 27.. Back to Positivity!

I haven’t posted any pregnancy updated for the past 2 weeks because I was both overwhelmed and wanted to stay positive until everything went fine again. I thought that if I ate healthy, exercised and did everything else the way I was supposed to I would breeze through the pregnancy safely. I was mistaken. Apparently as much as I tried, I could not control my body.

Last week King rushed me to my Dr’s clinic after I couldn’t handle the pain that I was in. Honestly I thought I was going into labour and freaked out more than anything.. My Dr. started me off with an IV of pain killers to calm me and the pain down then he procceded to check on me and the baby. 7amdillaa the baby was fine but the Dr. noticed abnormality in my kidney, it was enlarged and had liquids trapped in it. As my Dr. was an OBGYN not a kidney specialist, he recommended that I get admitted to hospital and he would be sending over a specialist that he recommends. I HATE HOSPITALS! I have a history of being suddenly admitted to hospital and that freaked me out. I don’t like not being in control of my life, so I cried :p and said that I won’t be admitted no matter what!

Anywho.. after promising the Dr. that I’ll go get all the tests I needed the next day then see the specialist, he released me to the free world (not happy about it at all :p). To anyone who knows me would understand how I left the clinic so happy, unlike King who was so so so so mad and worried. I knew that spending the night in hospital won’t do me any good. I believe in the power of positive thinking and I was determined to wake up the next day a changed woman!

And it worked! After spending the rest of the night smiling, meditating and praying to God, I woke up with no pain at all (7amdillaah) and filled with energy. Although after the tests the specialist insisted that I’ve got a serious condition but  I’m determined to stay positive, active and optimistic cause I believe thats what’s gonna make me and my baby go through the rest of the pregnancy safe and healthy! 🙂

Wish me luck everyone! Oo allah yab3id el shar 3ankum inshala 🙂