Book Signing at 52 Degrees

Today me and queen attended the book signing of different Kuwaiti writers, which was held at 52 degrees at al-Tilal, Shuwaikh.
It was a true privilege to see Kuwaiti writer’s from different ages and backgrounds who in my view achieved such a huge step into Kuwaiti literature, just hope they get all the support they can get.
One of the writer’s was no other than the famous Blogger Danderma who we personally went to support and wish her the very best, she was also nice enough to give us a heartfelt signing of her book.

I truly hope all of them the best of luck oo allah iwafighom. Hopefully they inspire other Kuwaiti writer’s throughout the years to take a step forward into this direction.

Books Included:

1. ماما أنيسة الانسانة, Author: Abrar Ahmad Malik
2. س, Author: Suad Al Sabah
3. The World We Live In, Author: Ali M.
4. The Chronicles of Dathra a Dowdy Girl From Kuwait, Author: Danderma
5. تراتيل, Author: Hamad Bader Al Zomani
6. فرجينيا ٩٩٩, Author: Mohammad Abdulaziz Al Kindari
7. الهدية, Author: Laila Mohammed Al Gharabbally
8. شبح الماضي, Author: Bashayer Nasser Chraq


8 thoughts on “Book Signing at 52 Degrees

    • Yea truly it was too bad I asked queen if she met you while I was scrambling to take pics and she said no, hopefully next time 😀

      • Aww thanks alot and I think I might have seen her if she came and sat in the 3rd row right behind the couches then I was the one in the corner 😛

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