Halo 4 Trailer: E3 2011

It was to the shock and excitement of the crowd of the E3 Microsoft conference when Microsoft announced Halo 4. While many people who were following the hype before E3, knew that there was going to be a new Halo announced, it was common knowledge that this was going to be Halo HD Combat Evolved, or Halo Anniversary Edition. And while, this too was announced, Microsoft released another trailer, Halo 4.

The trailer below shows all that has been released to date on Halo 4. All we know is that it is not longer going to be developed by Bungie, but 343 Industries instead (which could be a huge disappointment to any HALO fan).

While the E3 Halo 4 trailer is short, it does tell us one thing, that the new trilogy of follow up games, will begin where Halo 3 left, and to the excitement of all Halo fans, will put the player back in the seat of Master Chief, the last remaining Spartan Super Soldiar.

While the latest Halo Game was released less that one year ago, this will be the first Halo game that has followed the story line of Master Chief since 2007, with most people believing that Halo would not re-visit him in any further games.

Halo is probably the best first person shooting out there in my view so I can’t wait for this one to be honest, was a bit disappointed to know that Bungie will no longer be doing this so let us see how it goes.

*Reposted from http://onvideogames.net


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