“Mazaj” Updated

Last Wednesday King took me to this beautiful music concert at bait lothan. I didn’t know what kind of music it was as King didn’t want to give me all the info :p

As soon as we arrived and I saw the band’s banner I got sooo excited! I love eclectic Music and Jazz is one of my favorite genres.


The combinations of instruments, cello, oud, sax and 2 guys drumming on crates, just took me by surprise and as soon as they started playing they took me to a very smooth ‘mazaj’ (mood).



They started of with slow rythems then they picked up the beat and made me wana dance! 6ab3an the baby was the one who enjoyed the music the most, didn’t stop kicking and moving around for the entire show 🙂

We had so much fun, they opened up the roof and the weather was fantastic. I wish we had more of these music activities here 😦

I’ll ask King to update the post and add the videos today coz I have no idea how to do so :p

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