Week 23… Water Retention

I thought exercising and eating healthy would help me avoid water retention but yet again my pregnant body surprised me! I’ve been feeling a lot of pain in my knees, legs and feet for a while and I decided to seek help!
I went to a reflexology expert and she told me that I’m experiencing water retention and that’s what’s causing the pain. Also my knees are “loose” (I don’t know what that means :p) and a massage would do wonders! As soon as she finished from my right leg, I SWEAR my calf and foot looked thinner!! And she agreed with me, telling me that in a while I’ll be seeing precipitation on my foot and that’s the excess water leaving my system. And my oh my was she right!
After 30 mins of her doing wonders on my lower body I felt so energised and ready to conquer the world with my not so pregnant legs!
She advised me to get the treatment every 10 days which I’ll sure be doing. I highly recommend it to every pregnant lady out there.
God bless massages!

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Update: I just weighed myself and I’m 400 grams lighter! I’m guessing its the water that left my legs!!

6 thoughts on “Week 23… Water Retention

  1. That sounds nice. I love getting massages, but with pregnancy I get mixed views about the benefits and the dangers of getting one.So I’m a bit cautious about this

    • First you’ve got to consult ur dr! He/she knows best what’s good for u. Then I recommend u go to a reflexology specialist coz they would know which points to avoid. And as long as ur not in ur 1st trimester then its safe (for most women) again please to all ladies, consult with ur Dr.s!

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