My Fake Pregnancy Glow


Everyon’s been complimenting my “pregnancy glow” lately.. I have to confess, its FAKE! 🙂  OK so maybe the pregnancy has contributed to my better complexion (finally, that was not the case 3 months ago) and a fuller face (I hope its stops here or else i’ll end up looking like a baby hamester :p) Anyways so this is what’s faking my glow:

1- Guerlain Bronzing Powder Mist. This thing is genius in a bottle! I spray it a couple of time on my face and neck and I end up looking like I was laying on a tanning bed for hours! Its very easy to use, odourless and doesn’t stain on my clothes.

2- Isadora Glow Stick. I just rub this on my cheek bones and blend. The residue that stays on my finger, I rub on the tip of  my nose and upper lip. This gives me a very subtle highlight that only shows as a reflection.

Et voila! I’m a glowing pregnant woman! :p


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