Necomimi, New Human Organ ?

Ahhhh Japan, just looking over their weird gadgets takes me waaaaaaay back to 2002 where myself and two of my friends went and visited Japan ( Tokyo then Kyoto then around ) and just stumbling upon all these interesting gadgets and wild imaginations of this sophisticated culture.
Anyways coming back to topic, I just came across this new fashion/communication tool that augments between the human’s body and ability, which listen to this it works on communicating with your brain waves to behave as an extra set of EARS!
Yes you heard me an extra set of ears … sigh wi7na tawna habeen ib handsfree while driving… anyways sooooo in their own words….



ee necomimi …… \ \ @^_^@ / /

Which translates to:

This cat’s ear shaped machine utilizes brain waves
and express your condition before you start talking.

Just put on 「necomimi」 and if you are concentrated on,
this cat’s ear shaped machine will rise.
When you are relaxed, your new ears lie down.

If concentration and relaxing time comes at the same time,
your new ears rise and move actively.
In general, professional sport players demonstrate their abilities most in this condition.

If people show their feeling even they don’t express,
what differences will be happened?
Interesting? Ashamed? Scared?

In the beginning, people may feel strange,
however people are getting accustomed to control their new ears by brain waves
if they keep using. At this moment, 「necomimi」can be part of your body.

Will it ever catch on anywhere other than Japan ? What do you think ?

I personally think its a significant step into prosthesis technology maybe in later years they can even replace torn limbs and have them controlled through the brain.


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