Week 22.. Shopping Gone Bad

I really really don’t mean to sound vain or superficial with this post. I know I should cherish the miracle of motherhood and be so grateful I’m carrying a little human being inside me and I know I’m blessed and should be thankful but please humor me ok coz god only knows how this is so new and different to any experience I’ve been through in my life!

You know what happened to me today? I was in a fitting room trying on piles of clothing and I suddenly sat on the floor and cried!! EVERYTHING LOOKED BAD! I feel so round and my size 6-8 figure shifted to a 10-12! My belly managed to grow so fast in these past 2 weeks it didnt give me a chance to process whats happening to me.. True that although I’m entering my sixth month of pregnancy I only gained 4 kilos, but I’m still not able to cope with my very different proportions! Its like I have to learn the basics of fashion all over again. I guess its now time to stop fooling around in the beautiful clothing stores of normal women and start shopping at maternity stores. To my luck Topshop aren’t stocking anymore maternity clothes so god help me find fashionable flattering stuff elsewhere.

I dont know how I’m gonna cope with the upcoming months and how am I going to resist jumping into a swimsuit and heading to the beach! And I’m getting less able to wear high heels which usually help balance things out. I have so much to do know to figure out how I can still look good with my ever growing bump.


Hope everyone has a safe and happy pregnancy!


2 thoughts on “Week 22.. Shopping Gone Bad

  1. I know exactly what u mean! It does get tough as the months go by but think of it this way, u only have 3 more months to go inshala.

    Try to stay away from loose everything (dresses,tops) they only make u look bigger. Stick to well fitted jeans/pants – tank tops – cardigans and vests. Zara have cardigans that come in beautiful colors match them with a pair of jeans and a tank top. The secret to maternity wear is accessories. Go mad with them, they make any simple outfit look stylish 😉

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