I bumped into an old school friend at the Down Town Expo and I really loved his business concept, I didn’t hesitate to get one for King. Takaaya is flexible portable chair that could be used in Duwaniya’s or game rooms for a more comfortable floor seating position.

The materials they use are of high quality and they’ve got a variety of colours. I went for the beige to go with our bean bag. King loved it so much! Now I feel jealous and I think I want to order one for myself for Ramadhan. I think it would be great for sitting around the duwah!

Great Job F and can’t wait for the launch of your other products.

Check out their website for more info.

To order your Takaaya Call: +965 97111721 or email: info@takaaya.com


5 thoughts on “Takaaya

  1. nice idea , kafoo 3aleekoom ya 3yal el deera 3ala hal afkaar el 6ayba 🙂 , i love the lime green ones the most 7adhoom modern

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