Corn Dogs My New ADDICTION!!

I seriously didn’t forget MY FIRST BITE!!

These little wonders are amaaaaazing! Yesterday I was at the Down Town Expo with the girls, we lost track of time and then realized we can’t go anywhere for dinner. We looked around for something to eat at the expo and stopped at the Corn Dogs station. Luckily we arrived just in time before they ran out of their little babies. The owner was so kind, explained to us all the different sauces, although he wouldn’t tell us what was the secret ingredient in their pink sauce! (my friend thought it could be strawberry :p). I had mine with their chili sauce. One bite into it I just couldn’t stop! I gobbled it up in seconds!

I usually stay away from anything deep fried, but after the owner assured me that they use the best kind of ingredients I went for it and I’m glad I did!

Corn Dogs is now open in Al Yarmouk Co Op and they also provide catering services for parties. I think I might be getting them for my baby shower!

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