Thank you Napket!

I got overwhelmed by the sweetness of the manager at Napket! I woke up craving their frapket humble coffee so bad today and I needed to get my nails done so I booked an appointment at 20.24K spa and headed first to Napket. I barely had time before my appointment so I quickly placed my order. U can’t imagine the sadness that fell upon me when they told me they ran out of it! I felt like crying! The manager felt sorry for me and said he’ll look for it. I waited for a few mins then I really had to leave. But when I told him that he insisted I tell him where I’m going and he would send it to me!! To my surprise, less than 15 mins later I get a call from him telling me he’s standing outside!!
Thank u so so so much!!
Thank u for caring enough to try ur best to make me the order.
Thank u for walking from the far end of phase 2 till the far end of phase 1 for me!
U deserve a virtual hug!

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